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UPS Products

Peek Traffic Corporation continues to deliver high performance, advanced Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for traffic applications. Our units will seamlessly operate a traffic signal intersection to your complete specification. Whether mounted in traffic pedestals or retrofitted in existing cabinets, the UPS provides reliable, clean and consistent back-up power during any power source interruption or failure.

Due to overburdening of available utility power, power quality and availability are often compromised. At the same time, today's sensitive electronic traffic equipment is dependent on clean, consistent power to function properly and to protect critical traffic operations at intersections. Generally speaking, until a critical need arises, little thought is given to the quality and consistent delivery of essential power. Power dependency and a lack of quality power have become serious issues as domestic and world markets demand and heavily rely on viable power sources.

Peeks Uninterruptible Power Systems will play a sustaining role in dealing with this power dependency at intersections, acting as the key element in the power flow process. The Peek UPS will filter, correct and consistently deliver the necessary power to critical intersection infrastructure.

Line Interactive technology primarily maintains the inverter in-line; redirecting the battery's DC current path from the normal charging mode to supply current whenever power is lost.

UPS (buck/boost) unit

Overview: The PB2000-ITS automatically provides emergency back-up power to traffic signals and controls whenever normal electric power is lost. Increases or decreases voltage to maintain normal operation during brownouts and power spikes, reducing dangerous intersection collisions due to dark signals, saving law enforcement and emergency personnel resources. Minimizes component damage and signal tech callouts due to power failures.

Line Interactive System (Buck/Boost): The PB2000-ITS is able to tolerate continuous under-voltage brownouts and overvoltage surges without consuming the reserve battery power. It instead compensates by automatically selecting different power taps on the autotransformer, thus milliseconds lapse in power supply to the traffic cabinet.

Features: The PB2000-ITS includes advanced logging/programming capability, real-time status reporting and fully programmable dry contacts.
  • Local keypad programmability (no laptop necessary)
  • Backlit LCD display
  • External connections are front panel accessible
  • Remote access via RS232 serial interface, USB or optional SNMP Ethernet web-based
  • Fully interactive program and status reporting using built-in Windows compatible software
  • Time/date stamp of events and alarms with download and print capability
  • Low harmonic AC sinewave output
  • Transient voltage protection from damaging line spikes
  • Temperature-compensated charging maximizes battery life in harsh, outside environments
  • Noise suppression, FCC Class A
  • Meets CALTRANS BBS specifications
  • Designed based on UL1778 2nd edition
  • Wide operating temperature range from -37°C to +74C (-34F to +165F)

    Click here to view the Datasheet 110V.

    Click here to view the Datasheet 220V.

UPS Cabinets

Quality cabinets are an integral part of an Uninterruptible Power System. With a heritage stretching back a full 120 years to the 1880s, Peek Traffic produces highly configured cabinets for many Municipalities, State agencies, and private firms, to meet the needs of each type of application. The best known brands in the traffic control industry were consolidated to create the modern Peek Traffic Corporation. Please let us know your needs and we will work it out !

Peek Traffic has a full line of standard NEMA cabinets available. Call and let us know what you need and we will custom-design the interior to suit your exact needs. Our enclosures provide a protective, safe environment for traffic control, traffic counting and classification, video detection and monitoring, tolling, and Battery Back-up Systems. Impervious to rain, sleet, snow, corrosion, oil, our enclosures are designed to provide unparalleled protection.

Click here to view NEMA cabinets Datasheet.

Click here to view our Standard BBS 110 VAC Cabinet.

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