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Software Products

Peek's powerful, central traffic network managements software, for small-to-medium traffic equipment networks. IQ Central works with almost the entire line of Peek and U.S. Traffic controllers, as well as with NTCIP-standard traffic cameras, weather stations, remote sensors, and messages signs.


ATC Link is our custom software utility for programming Peek ATC controllers. This application is intended for field use or for bench-top configuration and testing of staged traffic controllers. It includes unique features, including the capability to write an ATC database to a USB drive, as well as editing access to all of the fields of the ATC database.

  • Latest release is 03.018. ATCLink must match GreenWave Revision.
  • ATCLink is free. Contact Product Support for your free copy.


Viper Software - Viper is a service-based software platform that is meant to automate data retrieval, automatically process data to common data formats, support modern communication protocols, archive data per user definitions, and more.

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TOPS - The TOPS software is the primary PC-based data processing tool for the ADR Plus product line. It's main role is to allow a central computer to retrieve data files from an ADR-1000 Plus, ADR-2000 Plus, or ADR-3000 Plus, whether they are ASCII text-based PVR count records, or the more intricate binary binned-classification BIN data files.

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Spinnaker ATMS is a true web-based Advanced Traffic Management System Software. It provides a user friendly and intuitive interface using the latest web technologies, allowing it to be viewed through a web browser from a number of different operating systems and computing devices such as Windows, OSX, Android, iOS and Linux.

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Whether you operate a few traffic signals running in “free” or a large metropolitan system with complex coordination demands, NWS Voyageâ„¢ is all you need.

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