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GreenWave™ Advanced Traffic Controller Software

GreenWave is Peek's ATC traffic controller software package for the ATC line of advanced traffic controllers. It is included on every shipped Peek ATC-1000, ATC-2000 and ATC-3000 traffic controller. Featuring a powerful Linux-based multi-process traffic engine and environment, GreenWave is easy to program from the front panel or remotely from one of several NTCIP-based central system software packages, including Peek's IQ Central and Trancorp's TransSuite product. GreenWave is the only controller software on the market that can run multiple traffic engines on the same platform, and switch between them without sending an intersection into Flash mode. It has also demonstrated advanced capabilities in standards compliance and advanced data logging.




Features of GreenWave:

  • Dual Traffic Engine, Phase-based and Interval-based operation in a single unit - The ONLY controller in the world with this capability
  • Support for interchangeable I/O and D modules - modules are auto-recognized
  • Operates in a Linux operating system environment
  • Interacts with IQ Link and IQ Central PC-based software packages
  • Supports USB firmware and database upload and download with integrated USB function menu
  • Fully NTCIP compliant
  • Six preemption runs available for each traffic engine
  • Supports 16 phases or 24 intervals
  • Startup and Flash operation setup
  • Front panel editing capability
  • Firmware update via the front panel menus and the USB port
  • Network port configuration from the front panel
  • A variety of system status display screens
  • Full coordinated operation programming
  • Full Time-of-Day (TOD) programming
  • Support for Added Initial, Gap Reduction, and Dynamic Max timing
  • Configurable Recalls and Overlaps
  • Configuration of 6 available Preemption Runs
  • Support for CNA1 and 2, Dual Entry phases, Simultaneous Gap-outs, and several other phase-based modifiers
  • Detector status monitoring and setup
  • MMU status display
  • Unit Alarm and Short Alarm configuration and status monitoring
  • Pretimed timing and signal plan setup
  • Support for standard and custom daylight savings time plans
  • Controller message and NTCIP event logs
  • Ability to load preconfigured intersection setups from memory (a simple 8phase, dual ring setup, and an 8 phase dual ring setup with Coordination and Preemption configured.)
  • Ability to copy screens of parameters between similar parts of the configuration database (e.g. Coordination pattern > pattern, day plan > day plan, etc.)
  • Onscreen diagnostics mode for I/O, Comms, Memory, Real-time Clock, and USB testing
  • Low level device utilities menu for testing keyboard inputs, display performance, operating voltages and other system parameters
  • Backlight and contrast controls for display
  • Supports transitions between phase-based and interval-based operation with no need to restart the controller, merely by switching between patterns
  • Context-sensitive help screens throughout the front panel interface


NEW in Version 3.9!

  • Texas Diamond Support
  • Time of Day Commands for phase table objects allow phase timing parameter change by time of day
  • Conditional Service during Coordination
  • Preempt Entry Inhibit Trail Green per Preempt Run per Overlap
  • Multiple I/O pins can be assigned to the same function
  • TSP in Free
  • Yellow Warning per phase with output-mapped Warning Output
  • Green Warning per phase
  • SD Card support for Advance Control Logging. The Controller will now detect an SD card and log to it. If no SD card is installed the controller will continue to log as per the existing operation. There is now a status on the top right of the runtime status display to show the status of the SD card:
    • BU = busy mounting
    • SD = SD card not mounted
    • NC = no card, could not mount
  • Added the New NTCIP Ring status object
  • Detector Gap Timing with disconnect during green
  • Full details on the features of GreenWave v3.9 are available in the Release Notes

GreenWave is a powerful, adaptable traffic controller software package that is fully standards compliant and is now installed on the street in many cities and states throughout the United States, and in a variety of countries around the world.

GreenWave provides an array of status monitoring screens


Powerful USB functions are available as soon as a USB drive is plugged into the front panel


Additional Information



GreenWave provides a simple, logical menu structure for navigating the front panel interface


Detailed coordination status screens provide all the details needed to see how the intersection is operating


In many places, GreenWave provides numerous onscreen hints for programming the unit, such as this on in the TSP environment


GreenWave has built-in hardware diagnostics as well as database loading and copying screens


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